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Electronic product testing

Assembly and Package are the two core processes of electronic manufacturing, involving many complex and key technologies, including materials, processes, equipment, design, reliability analysis of detection and so on. Huabi Laboratory Reliability and Failure Analysis Division, with a professional team, has established a perfect technical support service system around the requirements of electronic manufacturing, escorted the manufacturing of electronic information products, and solved many key technical requirements for the industry. At the same time, in order to ensure the leading level of manufacturing technology services, we have been in close technical exchanges and cooperation with many institutions and organizations in the industry, such as IPC, IEC and SMT associations.


Comprehensive technology capabilities


Electronic technology material testing analysis

A comprehensive analysis of the performance and reliability parameters of the materials involved in the manufacturing process can be carried out according to various technical standards.

Detection: Solder Used Solder Solder Wire Solder Paste  Flux Detergent Adhesive PCB


Components Manufacturability Evaluation

Solderability Heat Endurance Tin Whisker   MSL   Resistance to Dissolution of Metallization


Failure Analysis

PCB PCBA  lead-free solder joints     Package


Process Design



Reliability Analysis & Evaluation

Lead-free Solder Joints  Lead-free Components  Lead-free PCBA


Lead-free Process Consultation

Process Optimizing Materials Choice Process Control