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Automotive exterior parts testing

The appearance of the exterior accessories is related to the first impression of the vehicle, and it also bears the responsibility of resisting the impact of the environment on the body. Therefore, in addition to beautiful and generous requirements, Huabi Laboratory can test the strength, toughness, environmental conditions and impact resistance of accessories for you.


Applicable products


• Automobile front and rear bumper• Spoiler• Side anticollision bar
• Lateral circumference• Fender• Rear view mirror shell
• Intake board• Radiator grille 
• External seal for doors and windows• Lamp housing / lampshade 


Test project


• Mechanical properties• Coating / coating thickness• Adhesion
• Wear-resisting• Chemical corrosion resistance• High and low temperature aging
• Ultraviolet / xenon light aging• Dust prevention and rain prevention• Anti stone strike