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Laboratory design planning

According to the actual situation of the customer laboratory, combined with the experimental projects carried out, tailored for customers:


Laboratory plan plan

Laboratory furniture layout

Schematic diagram of equipment layout

Laboratory decoration design plan

Design of laboratory water supply and drainage

Laboratory HVAC design (exhaust, exhaust treatment, clean air conditioning)

Design of centralized gas supply in laboratory

Design of laboratory sewage system

Laboratory electrical design drawings, etc.


Laboratory technical services have dozens of engineers specializing in laboratory graphic design, 3D design and construction design. They design first and then construct to ensure that the laboratory meets the requirements of relevant laws and regulations as well as the personalized needs of customers.


Through the design, the laboratory can meet the mandatory requirements of relevant laws and regulations, industry rules, testing standards, safety standards and so on.


Through design, the laboratory CIS is consistent with the CIS of the company.


Through design, the laboratory meets the requirements of ergonomics.


Through the design, the laboratory can be more beautiful, and at the same time improve its function, economic value and social benefits.


By designing, each laboratory should be a work of art besides its related functions.


Environmental protection as the design concept to ensure that the selected decorative materials meet the requirements of green environmental protection.