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Laboratory decoration construction

Based on the relevant laboratory decoration standards and in accordance with the requirements of testing projects carried out by customers, the team specializing in laboratory decoration provides customers with decoration and decoration services such as laboratory construction, renovation and expansion, including:


Construction of laboratory main works

Construction of laboratory ventilation system

Construction of laboratory clean system

Laboratory waste gas and sewage treatment facilities construction, etc.


From the main body to ventilation to electricity to sewage treatment, Huabi Laboratory technical service is constructed by professional laboratory decoration construction team. It is constructed safely according to the design drawings. The construction process is followed up by qualified and experienced builders, CNAS assessors and project managers, with emphasis on materials. The rationality, ventilation, water supply and drainage, circuit laying, gas pipeline and other system installation specifications, safety and effectiveness are selected to ensure that the laboratory construction process meets the design requirements, relevant laboratory accreditation requirements and customer requirements. Put an end to construction risks such as Jerry building and random alterations.