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Science and research

FALAB Laboratory has completed a large number of scientific research tasks in the quality and failure analysis of electronic components and microelectronics technology, which has accumulated a solid technical foundation for providing technical services in leading industries. In recent years, along with the enterprise's life assessment of electronic products, process quality improvement and product reliability growth, it provides related scientific research and technical support and practical problem solutions for enterprises.

Research Objects

Integrated Circuit
Hybrid Integrated Circuit
Photoelectron Device
Microwave Device
Resistor,  Capacitance, Relay, Connector
RoHS & Pollution Administration system


Research Areas

Reliability Physics
Failure Mode & Failure Mechanism
Reliability Design and Simulation
ESD Design
Process Control
Failure Analysis and Material Analysis
Reliability Test, Evaluation
Reliability of Solder Joint for Assembly & package
Life Prediction
Reliability Growth
PoF Reliability Growth



RoHS & Pollution Administration system
Reliability Datebase
Equipment Development