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Electronic reliability engineering and environmental testing

The reliability of products is the fundamental problem of enterprise development. With the increasing complexity of electronic products, the negative impact of high after-sales maintenance rate caused by reliability problems on enterprises, and the huge cost of large-scale after-sales maintenance services, many enterprises have to pay more attention to product reliability.

Usually, the factors affecting product reliability can be summarized as follows: enterprise technology accumulation, staff awareness, management ability, design ability, process ability, material control level, environment and test, after-sales maintenance level, product failure analysis ability, etc.


Reliability engineering and environmental test for electronic products



Thermal Shock
Salt Mist
Ozone ageing
Mold Corrosion
Xenon Arc Aging
Accelerated life test



Basic knowledge training for reliability
Survey of product reliability
Fault identification, recording and statistical analysis
Analysis and improvement of material related causes
Analysis and improvement of process related causes
Analysis and improvement of design related causes

Other related causes and improvements
SPC control of production process
Statistical analysis of field feedback failure mode data
Popularization and application of achievements
Environmental test


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