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Electronic technology training and consultation

FALAB Laboratory has a technical team of electronic process and failure analysis engineers, researchers and lecturers with rich practical experience and theoretical knowledge. Diversified teaching mode and case analysis can help students quickly master the key points of knowledge.

The design of the series of courses can help the design of electronic technology and failure analysis management at different levels, improve the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the experimenters, and enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises'technology and products. At the same time, it is suitable for training engineers who have just entered the field. FALAB training not only improves students'skills in electronic technology and failure analysis, but also becomes an important platform for people in the industry to exchange experiences and discuss problems. Students can feel the source of competitiveness in the training and share the experience of the workplace.




Business Mode

Public courses are charged by the number of people.
Enterprise training, unlimited number of people, according to the curriculum billing.