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Analysis and detection of new energy power battery (battery)

Battery safety test

Overcharge, Short Circuit, Acupuncture, Altitude, Vibration, Mechanical Impact, Impact Drop, Roll, Collision/Extrusion, Heating, Fuel Fire, Temperature Impact Soaking

Battery performance test

Appearance, polarity, size and quality, room temperature discharge capacity, - 20 C discharge capacity, 55 C discharge capacity, room temperature rate discharge, room temperature charge retention, capacity recovery, capacity recovery capacity, storage, capacity and energy (room temperature, high temperature, low temperature), power and internal resistance testing (room temperature, high temperature). Low temperature, no load capacity loss (high temperature, room temperature), storage capacity loss, high and low temperature start-up power, energy efficiency test

Battery EMC test

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic interference (EMS)

Battery life cycle and durability testing

Accelerated Life Testing, Life End Prediction, Calendar Life Testing, High and Low Temperature Operation Durability Testing, Power Supply Thermal Cycle Durability Testing, Thermal Humidity Cycle Testing, High Temperature and High Humidity Durability Testing

Battery reliability and environment simulation

Vibration, mechanical shock, temperature, humidity, salt spray, dust, solid and liquid intrusion (IP protection), mixed gas, chemical contact, water jet, brine immersion, thermal shock cycle

UN transport test

T1 altitude simulation, T2 thermal test, T3 vibration, T4 impact, T5 external short circuit, T6 impact, T7 overcharge.


Analysis and detection of new energy power battery (battery)Battery test system must be tested in the USBattery pack test site

Battery burning test machine and battery extrusion tester

Battery weight impact tester

Explosion proof programmable constant temperature and humidity test chamber

Temperature controlled battery short circuit tester