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Failure analysis

Mechanical products often fail, such as fracture, deformation, wear and corrosion during their use. In order to prevent or delay the occurrence of these failure phenomena, find out the causes of failure and propose improvement measures, failure analysis must be carried out. At present, with the rapid development of modern science and technology, failure analysis has become a comprehensive discipline. It is not only related to material science, fracture mechanics, fracture physics and fracture fracture science, but also involves social science fields such as comprehensive management of product quality.

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Most of the mechanical components break down during operation. When a component breaks down, it is closely related to other components, surrounding environment and operation. After the metal laboratory receives the invalid parts, it will find out the main causes of the damage from the design level, material quality, processing status, maintenance, assembly accuracy, working environment, service conditions and operation methods, and make analysis and judgment according to the causes, mechanisms, types and stages of the damage, and work out the corrections. Take measures.

Fracture process is a dynamic change process. Fracture is a static reflection of fracture. The cause and mechanism of fracture can be found by careful observation and analysis of fracture. Fracture faithfully reflects the whole process of mechanical component fracture, that is, the process of crack initiation and propagation, so fracture analysis is an important means of failure analysis.

In order to achieve better analysis results, it is necessary to supplement non-destructive testing, mechanical property test, metallographic examination, chemical analysis, X-ray analysis, fracture toughness test and simulation test. Finally, the analysis and test results are comprehensively analyzed, and improvement measures are put forward, and failure analysis report is prepared.


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