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Surface coating metal coating

Paint fluid properties

Viscosity, fineness, drying time, leveling, viscosity test and flow resistance of coatings


Physical properties of paint film

Density of paint film, pH value of water suspension and solid content


Wear resistance of paint film

Abrasion resistance and abrasion resistance of coatings


Paint film reagents resistance

Water resistance, paint film resistance to chemical reagents, cleanliness, paint film cleanser and film vapor resistance.


Film Hardness

Film hardness, pencil hardness


Paint film color

Color, color difference or chroma, glossiness test


Coating adhesion

Film flexibility, coating adhesion and BG test


Environmental resistance of coating

Heat resistance of paint film, heat and humidity resistance of paint film, salt spray resistance of film


Coating Thickness

Lacquer film thickness, coating thickness (single coating), coating thickness (composite coating, multi-layer), Coulomb method thickness measurement, coating thickness


Coating pore density

Chromium hole density


Kulun thickness gauge Liebisch salt spray test chamber Viscometer 
X ray fluorescence spectrometer (XRF)Metallurgical microscope20 cubic walking temperature and humidity box