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Plastic rubber functional / decorative parts physical and electrical properties testing

Aging properties of rubber

Ozone aging, dielectric ageing resistance and hot air aging properties

Mechanical properties of rubber

Compression permanent deformation, impact resilience, tear strength, tensile property and peel strength.

Rubber hardness

Shore hardness and international hardness

Rubber density


Plastic hardness

Rockwell hardness, shore hardness, ball indentation hardness, Pasteurella hardness

Burning properties of plastic rubber

Combustion characteristics (mm/min), combustion residues, automotive interior combustion characteristics (mm/min)

Plastic ash

Glass fiber content (%) and ash content (%)

Mechanical properties of plastics

Tensile properties, impact tests of simply supported beams, impact tests of cantilever beams, impact tests of falling balls, bending properties and compressive properties

Thermal properties of plastics

Softening temperature, melting point, hot deformation temperature of VEKA, winding temperature and melt index under HDT/ load

High temperature plastic

high temperature

Physical properties of plastics

Density measurement, bulk density (g/cm3), apparent density, water absorbency (%), water spray test and scratch resistance.

Plastic color

Gloss and chromatic aberration

Electrical properties of plastics

Surface resistivity, volume resistivity, dielectric strength

Foam polymer materials

Tensile strength and elongation at break, compressive stress and strain, and compression permanent deformation.

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