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Textiles & Leather

Dimensional change of textiles

Dimensional change rate and width after washing and drying

Mechanical properties of textiles

Breaking strength and elongation at break, tearing strength, yarn slip resistance, seam breaking strength, seam properties, seam extensibility, seam strength and elongation, top breaking strength, peeling strength, extensibility, static elongation

Textile combustion

Flame retardancy

Wear resistance of textiles

Wear resistance, rotary wear resistance

Textile pilling


Unit area quality of textiles

Unit area quality

Color fastness of textiles

Color fastness to perspiration, color fastness to washing, colour fastness to water, colour fastness to rubbing, and fastness to saliva.

Mechanical properties of leather

Trouser tear force, tensile strength and elongation, leather tear force - bilateral tear method

Leather folding resistance


Leather color fastness

Colorfastness to crocking

Wear resistance of leather

Wear resistance


Rotary abrasion tester Kulun thickness gauge Leather torsion tester 
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