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Determination of chemical composition of metals
Conventional elemental analysis (0.01~5%)
Carbon content (%), sulfur content (%), silicon content (%), phosphorus content (%), manganese content (%), nickel content (%), chromium content (%), molybdenum content (%), copper content (%), vanadium content (%) and titanium content (%)


Principal component analysis (5~10%)
Chemical composition analysis of aluminum and aluminum alloy and chemical composition analysis of copper alloy


Principal component analysis (more than 10%) manual titration
Composition analysis of tin, antimony, bismuth, iron, arsenic, copper, silver, zinc, aluminum, cadmium, phosphorus, sulphur and iron and steel


Trace or trace analysis (<0.01)
Carbon and sulfur analysis


Carbon and sulfur analysis


Gas elemental analysis


Infrared carbon sulfur analyzer Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) Full spectrum direct reading spectrometer