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Chemical testing and analysis

Expertise in chemical testing and analysis  

The chemical testing capabilities of Huabi Laboratory include advanced trace analysis of chemicals, various analytical capabilities and identification of chemical components, and identification of unknown raw materials and chemical contamination.

Chemical analysts at Hua Bi laboratory are experts in troubleshooting and solving problems. The lab has experienced technicians and is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. The staff of Huabi Laboratory Chemistry Laboratory has many years of industry experience, including those with doctoral and master's degrees in Chemistry. Huabi Laboratory Chemical Analysis Laboratory has advanced research and testing expertise, and tests in accordance with ASTM, ISO17025, GLP and other recognized industry standards.


Chemical testing and analysis:

Quality and purity of chemicals

Chemical composition analysis

Chemical trace analysis

Conventional and unconventional testing

Pollution analysis

Identification of chemical impurities

Trace determination of unknown chemicals

Chemical composition analysis and research

List of chemicals analysis services